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The world was very different then

Humanity got lucky. Everything from agriculture to Alexa was thought up in a fairly comfortable interglacial period. This interglacial is part of an ice age, one of many stretching back 2.58 million years. In that time the level of CO2 in the atmosphere at the height of the last eight interglacial has been around 280ppm. So you would think that if we currently had a level of 415ppm CO2, a level that has not been seen for at least 3 million years, that a few alarm bells would be ringing and they are. Apart from the fact that nobody is taking them seriously. Our leaders and business people who appear to be mostly male are playing a game of who blinks first while applying bridge crew of the Titanic economics. Although Earth will not return to the conditions that this article describes we are in for some big changes. Young children and those yet to be born will be the most adversely affected but that’s not to say that the younger adults will not suffer as well. We must also remember that the world is full of a lot of sophisticated weaponry and if society breaks down, if maybe there is a dispute over diminishing fresh water, we could as humans be in for a very rough ride. Fossil fuel emissions must be drastically reduced now.


Author: Paul Noël

Author of books for children. Eight published so far and working on several others.

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