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Stolen childhood and futures

It’s 2021 and yet female children are still having their childhood and their futures stolen by being forced into being wives and mothers long before they should be and very often without it being their choice. They contribute, due to this inequality, to the extra 80,000,000 human babies born in the 366 days of 2020. An extra 10 Switzerlands of mouths to feed on this planet of limited resources. All effort must be made to rid human society of this evil and it is evil. Female children must have access to a full education and the rights to choose how they live their lives and to contraception, family planning and abortion. The female gender must be recognised as the equal of the male gender. Unfortunately, it appears that the current pandemic is making things worse for females and some of the progress made during recent years is now being reversed,,UNESCO%20report%20illustrates%20leap%20forward%20in%20girls’%20education%20over%20past,now%20threatened%20by%20Covid%2D19&text=A%20UNESCO%20report%20released%20on,and%20secondary%20education%20since%201995..


Author: Paul Noël

Author of books for children. Eight published so far and working on several others.

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