Headline news – Whale killed by a banana – environmental loading part 3a

Following on from my environmental load part 3 post I’m adding an addendum to it. To this headline you might say “that’s bananas” and you would be right but I’m using it to highlight a human caused problem.

Bananas reach Europe by being packed into large refrigerated ships called reefers. They are then ripened using ethylene (maybe there’s a link here to climate change that I will have to look into), https://www.bananalink.org.uk/all-about-bananas/#:~:text=The%20fruit%20is%20then%20transported,to%20the%20UK%2FEurope).&text=When%20the%20bananas%20arrive%20at,then%20sent%20to%20the%20shops..

The point of my humourous attempt at a headline is that whales are being injured and killed along with other marine life in a variety of ways. As this BBC article highlights in this case it is through fishing but many creatures suffer unnatural collisions with ships, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-55987350. Ultimately because we have so many demands as a species the natural world and its ecosystems are suffering. We are in fact too many and we take too much and we will have to come to terms with that.

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