It’s complicated, up in the air, flying home from Seoul, Korea – Environmental loading 18

It started in all probability with modern humans and us walking out of Africa if you follow the Recent African Origin of Homo Sapiens. Maybe we could consider these common ancestors as the first ones to migrate. Over the time since then various groups of people have moved on for one reason or another. Up until very recently once people migrated away that would have been the last time that family members would have been in contact with each other. Air travel changed all that and made migration that much easier but at a deadly cost to the environment and one that is not sustainable in terms of of CO2 emissions, pollution and resources use. It doesn’t scale up to 7,800,000,000 human primates growing at 80,000,000 every 365 days. The problem is that many people have migrated, married and the like and now have families on different continents with the ability to physically be in contact with each other but this is far away from being a sustainable arrangement. 17th October 2017.

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