Make Earth great again – organic cotton shopping bag

Note: Teemill who produce our T-shirts and bags are offering free UK postage 30th and 31st of July and 1st August 2021.

This is another organic cotton shopping bag from our Scientist and Philosopher range that we have produced on the Teemill platform using one of their base designs.

Imagine what the Earth looked like to an alien visitor some 7 million years ago before the human species started along its branch of evolution. Then think about what it looks like now and the damage that sapiens have caused, especially in the last two hundred years, the destroyed forests and wildernesses, the global plastic pollution, the live munitions discarded all over the planet’s surface, the staggering changes to the climate. We have a lot of reparations to make and we haven’t really started yet.

Check out how these products are made using organic cotton. We need to live in not just a sustainable way but one that causes the least environmental loading on the planet.

It’s available from our Teemill shop,

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Author of books for children. Eight published so far and working on several others.

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