Clever Dad and the submarine – new story – cover artwork

This is the brilliant cover art work for the third story in my Clever Dad series created by Gerry Newton. In this installment, as you can imagine, Tristan has an adventure in a submarine. This time however he is joined by his brother William. The story is an adventure as always and in this third book I cover a number of environmental issues for young readers.

In the meantime here are some details about the first book, Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship.

Tristan’s father builds him a pirate ship on the promise that he will be a good pirate. He sets sail and discovers that he needs to go to Polysneezia because some really bad pirates are digging the whole island up looking for money. Can he persuade them to leave before they cause the island to sink? Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship is Tristan’s first adventure.

The book is available from Amazon as a printed version or as an ebook. There are illustrations throughout the story and in the printed book they are repeated at the end so that they can be coloured in.

The story is available globally from Amazon. This is the link,, and this is the .com link,

Clever Dad and the Space Rocket, the second story, is also available on Amazon.

Our Etsy shop has blank greeting, birthday, invitation cards of Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship’s book’s cover artwork, Larger quantities of cards are available.

Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship blank greeting cards

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