Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship – The Easterly wind

Extract from my book, Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship

This is one of the first books that I wrote. The original Tristan that the book is based on is now in his 20s since I watched him play with old boxes and wrapping paper at a friend’s house during Christmas 1999. It took me a long time to actually publish it properly but a full time job in IT got in the way for many years.  

Clever dad builds his son a pirate ship out of odds and ends and Tristan sails off in it to the distant Polysneezia where some real pirates are digging up the island looking for treasure. They are digging so many holes that the island may sink so can they be stopped. The book contains a number of illustrations and in the printed version these are repeated at the back so that younger children can colour them in.

The book is  available from Amazon as an ebook or printed version. This is the link,, and this is the link for .com, It’s available from other Amazon regions as well or as a pdf from our website,  

Here’e the extract:

Tristan found himself drifting away, his dad’s words becoming fainter in the distance. He was in his ship as it bobbed along on the small waves. The Easterly wind was blowing him along and called out to him.

“Is this the way you want to go?”

Tristan did not know who was talking to him so he had to ask who it was.

“I don’t know,” said Tristan. “Where am I going to and who are you?”

“This way leads to the island of Polysneezia,” whistled the Easterly wind softly introducing himself.

“Is it a nice place?” asked Tristan.

“Oh yes, it’s a beautiful island,” sighed Easterly.

“Good, let us keep going then.”

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