Tristan meets the flying fishes – illustration

Extract from my book, Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship

Another scene from my story Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship. In this story a clever dad builds his son Tristan a pirate ship. Tristan sails away and is carried towards the island of Polysneezia where he must stop some real pirates digging the island up looking for treasure. The book is available from Amazon as an ebook and as a printed paperback. It contains illustrations like this throughout the text. In the printed book they are repeated at the back so that younger children can colour them in.

The book is  available from all Amazon sites. This is the link to,, and this is the link to .com, It’s also available as a pdf from our website Junagarh Media 

Here’e the extract:

Tristan sat back and let the warm Easterly wind blow his little ship along while he occasionally steered. There was nothing on the horizon at all, he could see for many kilometres. The Easterly wind pushed his ship on and over the horizon to the horizon beyond that. A group of flying fish came past going in the other direction.

Tristan and the flying fishes mod 17cm high 900
Tristan and the flying fishes

“Good morning,” said Tristan politely.

“Good morning,” they replied in unison. “Where are you going?” they asked as they circled Tristan’s ship, flying in and out of the water.

“To Polysneezia,” exclaimed an excited Tristan.

“We wouldn’t go there if we were you,” they all trilled together.

“Why ever not?” asked Tristan.

“There’s trouble on the island,” they replied.

“What sort of trouble?” he asked as the pretty fish danced in the water and in the air.

“Pirate trouble,” they said.

“Pirates!” said Tristan.

“Yes, nasty group, digging up the whole island looking for buried treasure. If they dig many more holes the island will probably sink.” Then they added, “Aren’t you a pirate?”

“Oh, that’s terrible,” said Tristan, “I will have to try and stop them. I am, but you see, I am a good pirate.”

“It’s best you leave them alone, young man.”

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CD & PS x 4 IMG_1178 900
Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship blank greeting cards

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Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship V1B
Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship V1B C


4 different birthday cards 900 IMG_4176
4 different birthday cards

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Author: Paul Noël

Author of books for children. Eight published so far and working on several others.

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