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Christmas chocolates – what’s not to like?

I posted this again last Christmas. If we are eating these then we in general will be living cosseted lives. A year later and countless people will not including many just out of our sight as well as far away.

December 2020

Those of us lucky enough will have received or will have bought chocolates for Christmas. So, not that I’m religious, but this is a religious day and there are a lot of people out there going hungry, many this year, in first world countries like the US and the UK, because governments have failed to provide sufficient support in the time of the corona virus. But let’s go back to those of us fortunate enough to have chocolates in our house. I’m old enough to remember when boxes of chocolate weren’t wrapped in non recyclable plastic films. Then inside there’s probably a non recyclable tray and some of the chocolates will be wrapped in non recyclable plastic as well. Since I grew up our demand for chocolate has grown and therefore a lot more land has been turned over to cocoa production. All these years later and there is still child labour involved in its production despite some very rich powerful corporations running most of the show. What else is in the box? Well there might not be much, there could still be some palm oil and since Greenpeace’s 2019 campaign we should all be aware of the problems in that particular industry. Then there’s the milk. Does it all come from happy cows or is there some intensive dairy farming in there? All things to be considered. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t remember all this stuff either when buying chocolates but a note to self is to try to be better informed in my future choices and purchases. We can change the world, we need to change the world and it starts with you and I.

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Author: Paul Noël

Author of books for children. Eight published so far and working on several others.

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