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A moment of our time – part 10

A revisit to part 10.

So I have arrived at part 10. My moments since posting part 9 have been very ordinary but we must never forget that in the background subtle but major changes are occurring to the processes that have made the planet habitable enough for us humans to have developed this “advanced” society. I watched the people in the city where I am at the moment out shopping today for bargains in massively discounted clothes shops. I don’t suppose any but a few considered how something so expensive could suddenly be discounted by 70%. I don’t suppose any of them considered the moments that the workers in their often sweat shop factories and economic slavery wages were experiencing. What would those workers be eating tonight? Did they have running and clean water in their houses? Were they able to get 70% of something? I don’t suppose for one moment that the workers producing these discounted goods shared a similar lifestyle to those who were grabbing another bargain loaded with dark secrets. Here’s part 10.

“How many other observers of moments of time have there been or are out there currently? For most of our history and for most of the individuals who have ever lived they were not aware of what lies out there. Only modern scientists in the last couple of centuries along with some very clever engineers have allowed us to spend some of our moments observing the bigger picture. Probably, for billions of biological units today called humans they are in their own little bubbles and moments of time and are not aware, educated or interested in that bigger picture.”

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Author: Paul Noël

Author of books for children. Eight published so far and working on several others.

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