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Kids Hedgehog and wild garden Pullover Hoodie V1B

Kids Hedgehog and wild garden Pullover Hoodie V1B

A kids pullover hoodie version of our Scientist and Philosopher hedgehog design T-shirt with the message “Think of me – I like wild gardens”. If you are a keen gardener they can do wonders for you in terms of eating their way through slugs and snails and other creatures that might devour your hard work. With a hedgehog around you won’t need to use chemicals. So what do they need in return? Well first is a way into and out of your garden. They don’t climb so high fences are mountainous obstacles. So consider cutting holes at the bases of the fences you own and tell your neighbours why you are doing this. Secondly, they like wild places so a very neat garden although pleasing to the human eye is not really to the liking of hedgehogs. So sweep up leaves by all means but leave them piled up so hedgehogs can have some fun. It’s a two way street when it comes to hedgehogs, help them and they’ll help you. Remember though that if you create a wild space that you make sure not to use strimmers and other garden power tools as these can be deadly. So the message is support your local hedgehogs.

Check out how these products are made using organic cotton. We need to live in not just a sustainable way but one that causes the least environmental loading on the planet. You can even send these items back to be made into new things when you have finished with them.

This is the link to the Kids long sleeve T-shirt,

The design is also available as a woman’s T-shirt and long sleeve T-shirt, a relaxed fit hoodie, men’s sizes, a T-shirt and long sleeve T-shirt for children and as an organic cotton bag.

Kids Hedgehog and wild garden Pullover Hoodie V1B
Kids Hedgehog and wild garden Pullover Hoodie V1B

Our Teemill organic cotton products are ethically, environmentally and ecologically produced. They are recyclable, sustainable, stylish, high quality fashion items.

Our Teemill shop site for our organic cotton clothes and bags,

My author page where you can discover more about my books,

Our Etsy shop,

This is our website for all our photography and my books,

We are also on Flickr,

Also on Instagram,

#ethical #environmental #ecological #recyclable #sustainable #stylish #quality #fashion


Author: Paul Noël

Author of books for children. Eight published so far and working on several others.

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