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An advert for construction on the costanera, Asuncion, Paraguay

A government advert for the development of the river bank for everyone to use. It had been developed at least partially the last time we were there which was I think in 2016. Seen on the road out of Asuncion, Paraguay in 2012, as we leave on the long distance coach for Buenos Aires. A journey that for us leaves around 6pm, maybe earlier, if I remember correctly and arrives the next day, 19 to 20 hours later. 29th February 2012.

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The sign and clock for Whiteleys, Bayswater, London

The sign and clock to what was a beautiful building that has now been sadly smashed to pieces and demolished because of greedy property developers.

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Whiteleys, a desecration, Bayswater, London

This is a photo from September 9th 2018 of some of the interior of Whiteleys department store a building that had stood since 1911. It’s no more apart from a facade. All that you see has been destroyed, all the energy embodied in the building turned to rubble and landfill. For me personally I hope that the gods of misfortune rain down rack and ruin on the perpetrators of this desecration. In terms of sustainability we must stop this unwarranted destruction of buildings that have decades, if not longer, of useful life left in them.

Whiteleys picture 2
Whiteleys picture 3

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Our Teemill shop site for our organic cotton T-shirts and bags,

My author page where you can discover more about my books,

This is our website for all our photography and my books,

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Mirrored Clouds – a trip on Lake Titicaca

This is a photo that we took while we were travelling around South America. We took one of the days trips out from Puno in Peru to see the islands on the lake. What starts off as a warm day can certainly catch some people out because at that altitude the temperature can drop quickly. It was to be the case on our return for some of the more lightly dressed people travelling on our little boat. What was a little unnerving was the fact that on the way back the engine stopped and it looked like it was due to not having enough fuel. It was all very Heath Robinson with the boat owner or employee messing around with a fuel hose in a plastic container being used as a fuel tank. Luckily there was enough at the bottom to restart what I seem to remember was a V8 engine and get us back to Puno. Spending the night floating around on an open back boat with a small cabin was not exactly something to look forward to. This was back in 1999 so forget the idea of , “has someone got reception?”, because nobody even had a phone. We forget how much technology and its distribution has changed in those intervening years.

The islands were very interesting. We visited the Uros floating reed islands which for someone like me and perhaps many others, having lived on solid ground and at ground level for all of my life did feel a little strange. We also visited a “real” island, that of Taquile that was reached after we moored, by a steep set of stairs in the rocks. Some found the climb arduous because they were not acclimatised to the altitude. It is an interesting society on the island in that men do all the knitting and we watched some of the locals watching a football match while many of the male onlookers did their knitting. Can you imagine that on the terraces of the Premier League clubs? Perhaps it would lead to calmer matches and less violence between the tribes of the football teams. It could also lead to a lot of local manufacture of home made garments and less consumption of fast fashion made by exploited third world labourers. Anything is possible, it is just what we are used, to however unlikely alternatives are likely to be.

We saw on Taquile the first of what are apparently now many solar panels. Quite rightly so the island community is getting access to electricity and all the useful technology such as fridge freezers. However, Taquile could be seen for a model of island Earth in that what is a sustainable level of population, energy use, tourism and development? Will it or even has it already got a luxury hotel because what is perceived as necessary is growth and development at any cost? We need to be answer these questions for both islands, Taquile and Earth.

Climate Change Causing Increased Global Hunger

It appears our short term thinking as a species is yet again causing problems. We keep finding technical solutions and then our inability to control our population growth overloads our ability to feed it. Most individuals, and especially government, cultural or religious leaders forget or don’t want to believe that we live in an interglacial period. Put simply this means that the next ice age should be coming in 10 to 15,000 years. Maybe it won’t because of the greenhouse emissions that we have caused during the last couple of centuries. If it doesn’t return then there is probably going to be some form of climate chaos. If it did return then at some point all those people living in the high northern and southern latitudes would have to move towards the equator as the returning ice sheets wiped out their cities. Why can’t humans grasp this? Looking at the climatic record one of the blindingly obvious facts is that the Earth can only support a finite number of humans. And yet nobody wants to address this unsavory reality.


A Sad Reflection On Our Convenient Lifestyles

New research shows just how dangerous the plastic waste is to turtles.

Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow – conversion to pdf and Print on Demand

Hopefully, we will finish these two versions today. Then we can order a proof of the Print on Demand and then make it available on Amazon.

Twitter image with story title

Another day of reading and editing

I’m getting close to finishing Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow. It has taken far longer than I had hoped but it is at a point where I have done all I can with it. Hopefully, at least the Kindle version will be available this weekend.Twitter image with story title

National Geographic article on microplastics

We have had 200 years of “progress” as it is called since the start of the industrial revolution. Where has that progress got us? To the point where microplastics pollute every source of water and are entering the food chain and starting to enter our own bodies. What will be the long term effects of us digesting plastic? Now that we know these tiny particles are everywhere shouldn’t we be doing something about it instead of just saying, “Oh well”?


National Geographic article



Cover artwork for my new story, “Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow”

At the moment I am completing a new story that is called “Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow”, It is a story about how a bee comes up with the idea of disguising some of them to be a rare or endangered species so that they can stop the meadow being built over. As usual it is for four four to eight year old children.

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