An education outside of school and university

20 years ago today my partner and I arrived back in the UK after having spent a year backpacking and travelling around the world. It was a big part of my life education and I grew up a lot on that trip and learnt a lot. It changed my outlook completely from small and narrow minded British citizen to a broader outlook. Another bit of my education came a few years later with our first of many trips to Cuba. That first trip cemented my “Another World Is Possible” mindset. With my corporate redundancy two years ago I have been able to study the environmental changes happening to the life support systems that support all life on Earth, including the dumb human monkey. The current economics and business as usual models are almost completely disconnected from the processes that run the planet and brought us in 2019 to 415ppm CO2, a level not seen for millions of years. You cannot see it, feel it as distinct from the other atmospheric gases or smell it but its level of presence is an existential threat to our existence. For me I have completed the circle and my mindset is now the deepest red and the deepest green. Hasta la victoria siempre.

Climate Change Causing Increased Global Hunger

It appears our short term thinking as a species is yet again causing problems. We keep finding technical solutions and then our inability to control our population growth overloads our ability to feed it. Most individuals, and especially government, cultural or religious leaders forget or don’t want to believe that we live in an interglacial period. Put simply this means that the next ice age should be coming in 10 to 15,000 years. Maybe it won’t because of the greenhouse emissions that we have caused during the last couple of centuries. If it doesn’t return then there is probably going to be some form of climate chaos. If it did return then at some point all those people living in the high northern and southern latitudes would have to move towards the equator as the returning ice sheets wiped out their cities. Why can’t humans grasp this? Looking at the climatic record one of the blindingly obvious facts is that the Earth can only support a finite number of humans. And yet nobody wants to address this unsavory reality.


A Sad Reflection On Our Convenient Lifestyles

New research shows just how dangerous the plastic waste is to turtles.

Whale Sanctuary – A Lost Opportunity

A proposal to create a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic at a meeting in Brazil has been defeated. Unfortunately, words like developing and growth are always spouted as many governments, cultures, religions and financial systems have not come to terms with the fact that we are beyond the capacity of the Earth to support this many semi intelligent apes.

Earth R.I.P. – murdered by humanity’s stupidity.

From Fish To Humans – An Article On How Our Convenient Lives Are Even Damaging Us

Read this, it is quite scary and we are all to blame.

How We Have Consumed The World

This latest study shows just how much damage we have done to this planet and how we need to change both our numbers and our lifestyles. We need a global one child policy now.

Flowers in Richmond Park

We went to Richmond and its park today. It is like much of the rest of the country in that it is very dry. There is a small garden there where I took this photo of an unknown bee on an unknown flower. I’m sure somebody can tell me what they are. I have learnt a lot about bees since writing “Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow” but also learnt that there is now far more that I don’t know. I was never that big a fan of biology on my Environmental Science course as Climatology for me was always the most interesting subject. As a matter of interest I will do a bit of BBC bashing here as it seems more interested in what the Royal WAGs are wearing at Wimbledon then what is going on in the real world. I look at Al Jazeera a lot and the disastrous fires raging in our neighbour Sweden appear to be going unreported at the beeb.

They have now corrected their coverage of this serious event.

Wanton Damaging of the Environment and the Destruction of Exploited Labourers’ Work

Why do we allow corporations to get away with this? It is time that corporations and their executives were brought to answer for their actions. They enhance and further the us and them, the haves and have nots in our society.

National Meadows Day – UK

In the UK it is #nationalmeadowsday and despite their importance the country has lost many of them during the recent decades as our urban sprawl has made our built infrastructure look like a very obese person along with all the detrimental environmental effects.

My story, Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow has a meadow as a central theme in it. I will donate part of the profit from any sales of the stories to a good cause of your choosing. It is available from Amazon Amazon for the Kindle and as a Print on Demand storybook with illustrations to be coloured in. It is also available as pdf from our website

A Day Out in London – 23rd June 2018

2018 seems to be exceptional in terms of the weather in London. There are so many blue sky days or at least part of the day when it is sunny. Today Caroline I walked from Paddington to Marylebone and the along Regents Canal. We came across some great street art of Inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther.

From there we walked through Regents Park and down Tottenham Court Road. We went to Planet Organic to buy some soap bars without packaging and made from natural ingredients. They are still Plastic Organic as they still sell drinks in convenience cups which basically we all end up eating. The micro plastic pieces have to come from somewhere!

Next stop was at Dillons Cafe in their bookshop for a quick break. After this we went to Lush to buy a shampoo bar. They sell shampoo again without packaging so we are trying to be good. The BBC had a science report where they showed scientists having to flush sea bird chicks out with sea water as their stomachs were full of plastic,

. Fantastic progress, 200 years of industrial revolution. Climate change might be deniable by some but you cannot point the finger at anybody but us when it comes to plastic pollution.

After buying a shampoo bar we went into Soho to Bar Bruno for some lunch. A proper cafe in Wardour Street. Amazing it still exists among the banal corporate crap. It has been a busy day for us. Next stop was China Town to buy a new steamer and then we walked back through Hyde Park buying an ice cream on the way through. That was quite a few miles/kms.

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