C’est La Vie – Film Review

Caroline and I and our friend Su went to see C’est La Vie last night at the Cine Lumiere in South Kensington. It is a very funny film and wonderfully entertaining. As is usual with French films the actors and actresses look like normal people that you would meet in the street and not some sun burnt, bleached white, plastic surgeon altered excuse for a human being. The story is a simple one but full of humour with lots of laugh out loud moments. It’s a great feel good film but also deals with people and their frailties. Max, the wedding organiser, is having an affair with one of his staff, one of his other employees once dated the bride and is put out by seeing her again in a comical way for instance There is lots going on that keeps the film moving and we all said that we could go and see it again.


Pride London 2018

I meant to post these pictures before. On Saturday the 7th of July we walked across Hyde Park. British Summer Time was on and I wanted to hear Editors as they were one of the bands playing that day. As they were fourth from the top of the bill I thought that they would be on about 6pm. How wrong I was and luckily when we were passing they were just starting to play. I think it was 3:30 or 4pm. We sat outside and heard them play their set. Unfortunately, it was only about 40 minutes but hey it was a free concert.

After that we walked into Soho through the countless numbers celebrating Pride. Soho was heaving. Luckily at the time of us arriving the French House wasn’t that busy up stairs so we got ourselves a couple of stools at the bar near to the windows so that we could see the massive crowd outside. An amazing celebration of diversity. Caroline took these photos out of the window.

The Ship – New Cavendish Street, London

On the way home from Richmond yesterday we walked through Soho and then up Tottenham Court Road. Turning towards home we passed this wonderful pub, The Ship in New Cavendish Street. There has been a pub on this site since the end of the 18th century. So much of London is being developed in such a horrible way and we are losing so many superb buildings, some of which are drinking establishments like The Ship. We should be careful because once gone they won’t be coming back. Pubs are such an integral part of London and English culture. I know that in some cases there are problems with alcoholism but this part of our culture should not be bulldozed and built over but developed.



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