Christmas card and microplastic pollution – Environmental loading 11

Take a look at this Christmas card and the small specks on the table. That’s glitter, it’s plastic, it’s pollution. It’s from the oil industry. Those small specks and countless billions like them are out there in the environment on the highest mountains and in the deepest ocean trenches and they are in you and I. They were found in the placenta of women having given birth in Rome. That means ladies that if you haven’t had children yet you’ll be passing on the microplastic in you to your future kids with all the potential adverse effects on their endocrine systems and other functions. There’s also the possibility that nanoplastic and microplastic particles could be able to pass the blood brain barrier. We really have messed up this planet big time and we therefore need to change. Don’t believe me, just do a search. Or perhaps you would rather not know and pretend everything is fine when it’s not. If that’s the case you are abdicating your responsibility to future generations and the environment.

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