Mine’s a pint design number 2 – apologies for image quality

I have just sold the first one of this T-shirt design where the philosopher asks if the glass is half full or half empty. The scientist replies that they do not know but since they bought the last one that they would like another pint. The T-shirt is meant to be fun and indicate the different ways that we look at the same problem. It’s available here, https://junagarh-media.teemill.com/product/mine-s-a-pint-design-2-v2b/.

The T-shirt is part of our Scientist and Philosopher range printed via the Teemill platform using organic cotton. Hopefully this is one of the least damaging processes environmentally and one that avoids worker exploitation. This is the base price from Teemill and I cannot make it any cheaper but I guess that the conditions in which the cotton is grown,picked and made into T-shirts costs more than the usual sweat shop labour.


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