Eastbourne and Beachy Head on a Beautiful Summer’s Day

On Sunday the 15th of July a group of us took the train to Eastbourne to walk the Beachy Head Circular Walk. Weather wise it was the most amazing of English summer days. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Looking back at the photographs I realise that I should have stopped and taken more but we were walking and talking so I only captured some of the day. A truly beautiful day in a wonderful part of the country. The photo of the house is actually the end of I think four cottages. They originally were composed of eight or nine in a terrace as we saw in an exhibition in the visitors centre. They have long since fallen into the sea as this part of the coastline is old seabed laid down millions of years ago and is very soft and liable to rapid erosion. We need to take this into consideration when building and not try to play at being King Canute.




Basil Walks the South Downs Way

On Sunday the 16th of July Basil walked from Eastbourne and along the South Downs Way past beach head. Here he is pictured with his friend Lilly. Basil of course has his own photo gallery and blog on our website, www.junagarhmedia.co.uk. You can read all about another adventure of Basil’s in his story, Brown Bear’s Big Day Out, available on Amazon for Kindle and as a print on demand book. It is also available from us as a pdf.

Hastings – An English Seaside Town living in Faded Glory

We went to Hastings yesterday. Neither of us had ever been before. It’s another seaside town living in faded glory. Despite it being a nice warm sunny the beaches were not that busy. Now saying that the top of the beaches at least are made up of shingles and not sand. It looked more sandy down towards the water’s edge though.

We stopped for lunch at a small and probably locally owned cafe that was very pleasant although definitely a little faded paint wise. What it lacked in new paint was definitely made up by the pleasant staff and the nice clientele. One of two ladies on a table near to us went over to a homeless man, came back and bought him a burger.

This cafe wasn’t very busy unlike Easy Cafe, Cafe Nero and Costa. Now it seems to me, that considering the state of the town’s finances, to ask do these chain and corporate owned cafes beneficial to the town? I don’t think so because what little money is in the town gets sucked out and into the corporate coffers and does not stay in the hands of the locals. I wonder what percentage of turnover is paid in tax by the corporate coffee shops compared to the woman running the local independent.

In addition chains just make everywhere look the same and stifle individuality. Hastings is a nice little town, a lady called out to us that it was OK to park as it was free on Sundays. I decided against the car park as it said that it had speed humps and we went there in the Chimaera.

Strangely enough Caroline saw some people who had been in Bar Bruno on Saturday when we were there. Spooky or six degrees of separation. If we are to revive the economies of places like Hastings we probably need to keep the money circulating in the local economy and not have it being siphoned off to some tax haven.


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