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This post is from July 2018. Have we reduced the amount of plastic that we produce and carelessly dispose of in those intervening years? Not at all and the fossil fuel corporations are still building new plants to produce more. Our governments must stop this but we also as responsible individuals have a part to play. What we buy has a direct consequence on the profitability of those over packaging items that have no need to be.

The hash tag says it all but will it change anything? The whale with the message below stating that this amount of plastic goes into the ocean every second sits outside the Westfield shopping centre in West London. Inside, there’s not a washable cup or plate in sight. So the future of shopping (yuck) has no plans of cutting down on plastic. This issue is not being taken seriously enough. We can talk all we want and make displays of plastic whales to prick our collective conscious. It looks though that the economic monster that creates all this garbage is not going to change anytime soon.

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Consumer Choice – Do You Really Have One in Today’s Climate of Austerity?

I wrote this over 3 years ago. The problem we have as we did 3 years ago is that so many more people have been forced into poverty around the world that making the right choices in what we consume is nigh on impossible for those on the budgets they have so they are forced to consume the most planet damaging products.

Some of us remember the good old days. Must be I’m getting old. When did buying soap involve it being wrapped in plastic that then finds its way into the oceans and we end up eating it because it is now in the salt, tuna and the anchovies that for some reason we feed to chickens and pigs?

The environment isn’t the only thing that is screwed. Why is it cheaper to end up eating plastic then to buy the soap unwrapped? Because this is the way that multinational corporates do business. I always thought that they were no good for us and how much proof do we need.

We did buy this soap at Planet Organic on Saturday. How did we get it home? I put it in my backpack. It made it smell nice but I suppose with a bit of thought I could have taken a bag with me to stop that happening. Unfortunately, Faith in Nature is quite expensive compared to the corporately wrapped soap in the corporate supermarket. You can see where I’m going with this. So for all those people just about scraping by they have to purchase the soap in the supermarket and eventually they and their children will be eating the wrapping. What great progress we have made as a species.

Our Teemill shop site for our organic cotton T-shirts and bags,

My author page where you can discover more about my books,

This is our website for all our photography and my books,

We are also on Flickr,

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How to Save the World – Part 1

A return visit to something I wrote a couple of years ago and yep we’re still refilling that egg box in the photo. We all need to change.

Trying to make a difference. These days convenience is the cheapest way to buy items in terms of money but the most expensive in environmental damage. This is one of our old egg boxes that we have been buying eggs in for years but unless you have a farmer’s market or a small shop that sells loose eggs at a reasonable price then the average person will be buying these boxes and recycling them if we are lucky every week from one of the large supermarkets.

So how do we change that without all the supermarkets complaining that it will cost the consumer more? Of course they are not going to lose out. In the UK as we know they are screwing farmers where they can and as the dopey and very greedy boss of Sainsbury’s was caught out singing recently, “We’re in the money”.

So, it will have to be the big and bad state getting involved again to force business and individuals to do the right thing because there will always be people, many people probably who won’t do the right thing even if long term it affects their health and that of the their children. It’s not about asking people for an extra 5p for every egg box they use, it’s about reducing the need to have many egg boxes produced because everybody brings their own egg box when they shop. I think our egg boxes still have some life left in them.

Our Teemill shop site for our organic cotton T-shirts and bags,

My author page where you can discover more about my books,

This is our website for all our photography and my books,

We are also on Flickr,

Also on Instagram,

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A Sad Reflection On Our Convenient Lifestyles

New research shows just how dangerous the plastic waste is to turtles.

Whale Sanctuary – A Lost Opportunity

A proposal to create a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic at a meeting in Brazil has been defeated. Unfortunately, words like developing and growth are always spouted as many governments, cultures, religions and financial systems have not come to terms with the fact that we are beyond the capacity of the Earth to support this many semi intelligent apes.

Earth R.I.P. – murdered by humanity’s stupidity.

Review – I have received a wonderful review of my story Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow

I have been very lucky in that the Devon Beekeepers Association has reviewed my story and written some really nice words about it.

Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow by Paul Noel

“A bee story for children” – that was the description sent with Paul Noel’s book, “Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow”, and on the face of it that’s exactly what it is. A tale with an intrepid honey bee called Beatriz at its core, ready and willing to use her intelligence and super-fast flight in the battle against the enemy – those who would seek to destroy the natural habitat of the field she calls home, together with her fellow creatures that also live there.

Yet it’s more than ‘a bee story for children’, for while they will love the heroic antics of Beatriz, or ‘Bea’ to everyone who knows her, adults will find characters familiar to them too – officious bureaucrats, eager nature-loving campaigners, boffins, dastardly developers and potentially wicked planners! The turning point when all the humans and animals come together is a joyous highlight!

No doubt we’ve all heard of a field that is ripe for necessary development and Paul Noel’s fantasy is one that we can easily follow and understand. While the drama and the suspense gives joy to younger listeners and readers, it represents important issues raised by the need for more homes and the conflict between those building houses and those passionate about protecting the natural environment.

As ever with children’s books you get most out of the story by suspending your disbelief and remembering that it’s simply a story to entertain and not provide a full education of the lifecycle of the honeybee and its behaviour in the hive and in the field – there are plenty of less exciting books, which are designed to give real insight to those of us who are interested in bee facts. “Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow” doesn’t ignore general bee behaviour, but it’s full of fun and allows the imagination to take over, helped along with drawings that reflect the overall upbeat feel. The pictures are ideal for children to colour in, making it even more entertaining and better value.

Any beekeeper, indeed any adult, will not be bored if they find themselves reading the story of Bea trying to save her meadow. Just one question remains, what might Bea do next for surely “Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow” is the first of a series?

Flowers in Richmond Park

We went to Richmond and its park today. It is like much of the rest of the country in that it is very dry. There is a small garden there where I took this photo of an unknown bee on an unknown flower. I’m sure somebody can tell me what they are. I have learnt a lot about bees since writing “Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow” but also learnt that there is now far more that I don’t know. I was never that big a fan of biology on my Environmental Science course as Climatology for me was always the most interesting subject. As a matter of interest I will do a bit of BBC bashing here as it seems more interested in what the Royal WAGs are wearing at Wimbledon then what is going on in the real world. I look at Al Jazeera a lot and the disastrous fires raging in our neighbour Sweden appear to be going unreported at the beeb.

They have now corrected their coverage of this serious event.

Backyard Beekeeping – A Blog by The Honey Diaries

I have been self promoting my bee story for children, “Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow” and through social media you can meet some really nice people. The people running The Honey Diaries have been very helpful to me and will spread the word about my book. In return I will mention them where I can so if you want to know more about the world of beekeeping then you should get in touch and follow their story. I have to admit I wrote the story but I’m damned scared of things that buzz.

Wanton Damaging of the Environment and the Destruction of Exploited Labourers’ Work

Why do we allow corporations to get away with this? It is time that corporations and their executives were brought to answer for their actions. They enhance and further the us and them, the haves and have nots in our society.

Can We Really Have Screwed Up This Bad? – Yes We Have

How much more evidence do we need before we admit that the industrial revolution has been a complete disaster for the environment and that our economic monopoly model of continuous expansion and consumption at the expense of exploited humans is deleterious to the life support systems and eventually to us.

Pristine Antarctic fjords contain similar levels of microplastics to open oceans near big civilisations



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