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From stardust to trees, Oxford, England

We once were stardust and in this case we become trees, cemetery Oxford. The way of the universe. Photo from 14th June 2014.

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The Pale Blue Dot turns 30 and a few billion years

We live such short lives and there is so much going on around us and with our limited ability to deal with so much information it is hard to see the relevance of bigger pictures outside our little bubbles of existence. Earlier this year one of the most famous and I would say important scientific images turned 30 years old. It’s a picture of Earth taken by Voyager 1 when it was 6 billion kilometres out from the pale blue dot that is us. Carl Sagan and Carolyn Porco, two imaging scientists on the mission, persuaded NASA to take some photos of our insignificance in the universe before the equipment was turned off.

Read more about how NASA have cleaned up the image here BBC report

If you have never listened to Carl Sagan’s very moving words on our pale blue dot and even if you have they are worth listening to again. They are very poignant in the light of the pettiness of some human individuals and how we act as a species.

The words of Carl Sagan



Star spotted by scientists speeding across the universe and proving Einstein right – The Independent

A fascinating observation of a star getting closer to a black hole and proving Einstein right.

Brief Existence – Is This All That We Are?

I took this photograph in the centre of Lausanne where a man was entertaining children by creating bubbles on a Saturday morning. I only had a small Fuji pocket camera but I managed to get a couple of good shots. I named the photograph Brief Existence because it reminded me of the fragility and shortness of not only human life but of all life both as individuals and species. Most people it seems to me are unaware of time passing although as you get older it may be that it gets more noticeable.


LHC upgrade

Interesting article on the upgrade being performed on the Large Hadron Collider. This immense scientific projects pushes the boundaries of human knowledge.

LHC upgrade



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