My stall, Kentish Town City Farm, London

An open day at Kentish Town City Farm in London where I was selling my books and cards and donating a percentage of the sales to the farm. It was a lovely day out at a wonderful community based place and where I’m hoping to go back and sell more once they have another open day or special event. 5th of May 2019.

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Post Office, Royal Mail letterbox, Craven Hill, London

These used to be commonplace but have any been removed because fewer people post letters now? Will there come a time when people say, “where have all the letterboxes gone?”. When will the time come when people say, “what’s a letterbox?” and they will not be part of their city landscape or be part of the memory of those then living? 23rd June 2019.

Our links

Our Teemill shop site for our organic cotton T-shirts and bags,

My author page where you can discover more about my books,

This is our website for all our photography and my books,

We are also on Flickr,

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Busy Bee and the Silent Spring – another review

I have just had some teachers from a school that has its own bee project tell me how they thought Busy Bee and the Silent Spring was a wonderful book for children and educating them. How do I get that out to a wider audience?

The book is available globally from Amazon,,

Eight stories published and another four that I really should finish off

So far I have self published eight stories on the Amazon KDP platform. Whatever you think of Amazon the KDP platform has given a voice to countless writers who have just wanted to express themselves. It’s a great way to publish and even if you don’t sell many copies, it should give you a great sense of achievement, especially as it’s possible to order a physical copy of your book. Before KDP came along, as an aspiring author, you would have had to have spent a large amount of money to self publish and have ended up with several boxes of books to sell or give away.

So here is the link to my author page,, and the links to my books on the Amazon UK website although they are available globally.

Busy Bee and the Silent Spring,

Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow, there are two different size versions of the physical book,,

Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship,

Brown Bear’s Big Day Out,

Clever Dad and the Space Rocket,

The Lost Marble,

The Lost Marble Colouring Book,

Island Spider,

Busy Bee and the Silent Spring – a review by the Scottish Beekeepers Association

SBKA review

As a writer how can you tell if what you write is enjoyable to read by others? Only by independent review in my opinion because friends and family may be too kind. I recently received a wonderful review of both my Busy Bee books by the The Scottish Beekeeping Association. The reviews are inspirational. I only hope that my fellow independent authors are also able to receive something like this to give them the boost they need. We all need those words to help us on the writing journey.

Busy Bee and the Silent Spring

Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow


The frustrations of being a writer

Silent Spring book

There are so many of us now. That’s the wonderful aspect of technology allowing so many more people to be able to create. The Amazon KDP publishing platform allows us to hold a single copy of our printed book. Before the platform existed we would have had to print a large number of books making it impossible for many people.

The success of this method of publishing is fine if you have a large social media following but if you don’t how do you become noticed? I have been contacting beekeeping groups of Facebook and one woman wrote back saying that Busy Bee and the Silent Spring was beautifully written and that she was utterly captivated by it. She added that she would buy the book for her niece. Wonderful words and very inspiring but how do I turn them into multiple sales?

There is also this balance to be considered. How much time do I spend on promoting what I have already written compared to putting down new stories and ideas? Oh well I guess that I will have to keep on slogging away.

Busy Bee and the Silent Spring

Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow

Will most of us remain just passengers on the Titanic

We are in strange times or perhaps a different time that we all find strange. Billions of people are being restricted from doing what they did up until recently. Many are probably going hungry. Stress levels across the global population must be off the scale of normality. The deaths due to the corona virus look high but how different are they to a normal flu season? The virus does not have the same kill rate as the Ebola virus does but is it higher than flu? It has a much higher infection rate through contact over the annual flu strain and that appears to be the main worry.

Apart from knowing the effects on mental and emotional health due to the lock down it would also be interesting to learn who is doing what with their time. Fifty or sixty years ago there were few TV channels, no personal computers, tablets, smartphones or internet. If this virus had arrived in the 1960s or 1970s would people have been bored or would more of them have been reading books? We have come in those short few decades to be a society of passiveness. In reading it is necessary to use much more of the brain function but today many if not most watch rather than imagine. Few would question whether there is anything wrong with the life of fast consumption, as bad a diet as is the fast food industry for them. Before this ocean of passiveness swept over our society perhaps the reading of a novel of a far away land or time would have generated through imagining what it was like to find out more about it. How many after consuming multiple series episodes and formula films are likely to do the same? How many therefore will be using this time to learn a new language, to write, be creative or some other activity that requires actual thought processing rather than staring at a screen for hours and soaking up its passive transmissions? This is a golden opportunity for the opening up our minds and being more curious but how many will use it for that? Meanwhile a small group of people, our leaders,the bridge crew of the Titanic are making some very bad decisions for all of us.

National Meadows Day – UK

In the UK it is #nationalmeadowsday and despite their importance the country has lost many of them during the recent decades as our urban sprawl has made our built infrastructure look like a very obese person along with all the detrimental environmental effects.

My story, Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow has a meadow as a central theme in it. I will donate part of the profit from any sales of the stories to a good cause of your choosing. It is available from Amazon Amazon for the Kindle and as a Print on Demand storybook with illustrations to be coloured in. It is also available as pdf from our website

Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow – Now Available as A4 Story and Colouring Book

Finally, the Print on Demand version of the story Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow is available. If you buy a copy I will donate a percentage of the profits to a cause of your choice.

Clever Dad and the Pirate Ship

This story can be purchased for the Kindle and devices that run the Kindle app from Amazon and they also sell an A4 Print on Demand story and coloring in book. We sell it as a pdf on our website,, for PCs, Mac and tablets that have a pdf reader. We have now got copies of the A4 story book as well.

Clever Dad builds a pirate ship, so that his son Tristan can sail the seven seas on the promise that he will be a good pirate. Tristan is captivated once the ship is complete and his father starts to tell him a story but he, using his imagination drifts off in his own tale of the high seas.

Once sailing along he meets different characters, the first of which is the Easterly wind that suggests he goes to Polysneezia, a pleasant island that the wind will help him reach.

He lets the wind take him in the direction of the island and he relaxes until he meets a group of flying fish who tell him not to go there because of pirates digging for treasure. He is told that they are digging so many holes that the island might sink. Horrified, he asks the advice of the Easterly wind and decides that he must try to help even though he has been warned by the flying fishes.

Tristan encounters other characters on his way to Polysneezia that give him their opinion on whether to continue or not. Knowing that the island is in trouble he presses on determined to help. Will Tristan be able to save the island from the dastardly pirates.

The suggested age range is 4-8 years. For younger readers the books are meant to have a parent, family member or guardian read to them.

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