Mad billionaire wants to release 80,000,000 primates in 2021 – Environmental loading part 5

A mad billionaire wants to release 80,000,000 primates all over the world in 2021 setting free gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees and all the other monkey species that you have never heard of and that are going extinct. You will find them next year wherever you look in every corner of the planet.

Most humans would be horrified at this thought, very human centric thinking, of so many primates set lose in the world but not if they were human primates. 80,000,000 is the number of ADDITIONAL human primates born in just the 366 days of 2020 and that’s why the non human primates and so many other species are going extinct. We are too many, we take too much.

Headline news – Whale killed by a banana – environmental loading part 3a

Following on from my environmental load part 3 post I’m adding an addendum to it. To this headline you might say “that’s bananas” and you would be right but I’m using it to highlight a human caused problem.

Bananas reach Europe by being packed into large refrigerated ships called reefers. They are then ripened using ethylene (maybe there’s a link here to climate change that I will have to look into),,to%20the%20UK%2FEurope).&text=When%20the%20bananas%20arrive%20at,then%20sent%20to%20the%20shops..

The point of my humourous attempt at a headline is that whales are being injured and killed along with other marine life in a variety of ways. As this BBC article highlights in this case it is through fishing but many creatures suffer unnatural collisions with ships, Ultimately because we have so many demands as a species the natural world and its ecosystems are suffering. We are in fact too many and we take too much and we will have to come to terms with that.

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