Bertie explains how he tried to escape from the zoo – Brown Bear’s Big Day Out

Extract from my book, Brown Bear’s Big Day Out

Basil wanted desperately to go Dizzyland, so much so that he decided that he would escape by disguising himself. Here, Bertie the elephant explains what happened when he tried to escape.

“There aren’t enough large things to hide behind, only buses, lorries and buildings,” said Bertie, a large grey elephant. He talked, as he sucked up with his trunk yet another, of what he considered to be, an excellent fairy cake. “I once escaped and tried to hide behind a number 86 bus but then it drove off. I thought I was being clever by running along with it. The trouble was, it was only covering me on one side and all I got was out of breath. I stepped on a few cars coming in the opposite direction, which didn’t make the owners very happy. Apparently, their insurance companies said that their policies didn’t cover them for being sat, or stood on, by elephants. There’s always a tiny clause hidden away in the small print somewhere I’m told. Anyway, they brought me back to the zoo of course,” Bertie said as he grabbed another fairy cake with his trunk, “and the food’s not bad at all”.

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Author: Paul Noël

Author of books for children. Eight published so far and working on several others.

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